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Headline: Only 1 available
Description: Lodge Presents Chef John Folse's Cast Iron Cooking
Additional Information: Lodge Presents Chef John Folse's Cast Iron Cooking is an Historical Collection of America'a Culinary Regions.

The book was published in 1999. 103 pages. ISBN: 0-9625152-5-6 (Soft Cover)

The book contains dutch oven recipes from nine regions of the US, each presented by a notable chef from that region. The regions are:

New England - A Blend of Old & New from Chef James Griffin

The Lowlands - High Cuisine from Chef Don McMillan

The Caribbean - Creative Cuisine from Chef Andre Niederhauser

Cajun & Creole - Roux from the Bayou from Chef John D. Folse

The Southwest - Spicy Cuisine from Chef Maurice Zeck

Chuckwagon Cuisine - "Here's the Beef" from Chef Jim Anderson

The Pacific Northwest - Cuisine with a European Twist from Chef Alfred Popp

The Heartland - Two Cultures' Cuisines from Chef Dennis Bahm

The Great Lakes - A Taste of Germany from Chef Louis Jesowshek
Condition: Book is in excellent condition. There is no evidence of wear or pencil marks throughout.
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