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Name: Shiloh Military Trail Hike 3 Pocket Patch
Headline: Mint Condition Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 3 Pocket Patch
Description: This is the patch earned for completing the Shiloh Military Trail Hike No. 3, also know as the Flag Hike. It measures 3 5/8 to 3 3/4 inches wide by 3 inches high and has a plastic back. This patch is circa mid-1980s.
Additional Information: The Shiloh Military Trail consists of 9 trails and 2 treks, a total of 11 hikes, ranging in length from 2 to 20 miles at Shiloh National Military Park near Shiloh, Tennessee. The Shiloh Military Trails were set up in June, 1960 by Ken Humphreys, a Boy Scout leader in Memphis, Tennessee and the Shiloh National Park Superintendent. Hikers who complete 6 hikes and other requirements earn the Shiloh Veteran Hiker Award.
Condition: Mint Condition
Quantity Available: 2
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