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About Me

The purpose of this website is to liquidate the personal Scouting memorabilia that I have collected over my 40-year career as a Scout leader. My original intention was to pass on my collection to my two sons, both of whom are Eagle Scouts. Over the years, their interests have changed and Scouting has changed to the point that they have no interest in the collection.

My Scouting Background

I have been a long-time scouter in Circle Ten Council in the Dallas, Texas, area. In the late 1970s, I was a Webelos Den leader with Pack 106 at Zion Lutheran Church. Then in the early 80s, I became a leader with Troop 106 at the same sponsoring institution. From 1983 to 1988, I was Scoutmaster. I was called out for the Order of the Arrow in 1983 and completed my ordeal that year. I completed my Woodbadge in 1985 and received my beads in 1987. During my time with Troop 106, I led the troop on two Philmont treks (1984 and 1988). I also attended two National Jamborees (1989 and 1993), where I served as a National Staff volunteer.

My scouting activity was pretty minimal in the 1990s, but with a group of dedicated Woodbadge scouters, I was a co-founder of Troop 470 in West Dallas. Troop 470 is an inner-city, urban-emphasis troop. Prior to Troop 470, there had not been a Troop in West Dallas for decades.

About my Collection

My collection consists of primarily CSPs, collected in the 80s and 90s. At that time, I traveled extensive in my work, both nationally and internationally, with EDS as a business process reengineering consultant. Whenever I visited a new location, I would drop by the local council office and pick up two of each variety of the CSPs that they had for sale. So, these CSPs are pretty much standard issue from the 80s and 90s.

I was not very interested in collecting OA patches, but I do have a few from the Circle Ten Council lodge, Mikanakawa 101.

I also have quite a few Shiloh Military Trail patches and other memorabilia from the Shiloh Military Trail program started and managed by Troop 343 out of Memphis, Tennessee. The program consists of nine trails and treks, ranging from two miles to twenty miles. Hikers are awarded a patch for each of the trails they complete. Hikers who meet the hiking and history requirements become a Veteran Hiker of the Shiloh Military Trail. While I was Scoutmaster with Troop 106, the troop spent each spring break in Shiloh, Tennessee, hiking the various trails. I know that Troop 106 camped at Shiloh National Military Park at least five years running. It took at least two years for a scout or scouter to become a veteran hiker. I am veteran hiker 2410 achieved on May 2, 1984. This accounts for my large collection of Shiloh Military Trail patches.

I do have a few mugs and scout books also. The mugs I accumulated from memorable scouting events. I was not a collector of scout books, so most of these are books that I used during my Scouting career. There are a couple of gems there though.

I am not intending to continue acquiring Scout memorabilia and making it available through this site, so when these items are gone, they're gone. Enjoy!

Darell Herbst

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